André Tamers of De Maison Selections

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André Tamers

André Tamers was born in Venezuela but grew up mostly between France and the U.S and spent some years living in Spain before starting De Maison Imports in 1993.

When he returned stateside, he chose to make his home in North Carolina after driving up and down the coast with his wife, and deciding that this was where they should raise their family.

Why North Carolina?

André and his wife really liked the pace and the culture of North Carolina and saw an opportunity to build their business here and for growth in the market for European wines.  Over the years, they have enjoyed seeing the gastronomic and wine scene develop in NC. By importing and sharing wines from the European producers they are passionate about, they have gotten to be a part of this.


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De Maison Selections

After moving to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, André  slowly assembled the now nationally celebrated portfolio,De Maison Selections, from the little-known producers that he discovered during his earlier travels. He travels back to Spain and France five to six times a year to maintain relationships with his producers and to seek out new partnerships or projects, and comes to Charlotte about once a year, to participate in events with Foxcroft.

André’s enthusiasm and passion for the wines of Spain and France is contagious – hearing him talk gets us excited to drink the wines, and the quality in the bottle backs it up every time.  This is why we feel privileged to get to host dinners with De Maison Selections and André annually at Foxcroft Wine Co.
In fact, our next dinner with André and De Maison Selections is coming up soon, on August 6th!  If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to taste the wines from the de Maison portfolio or to meet André and hear his stories, these annual dinners are a great chance to do so.