Interview with Chef Chris March

  • Meet Chef Chris March from Foxcroft Wine Co. SouthPark! Read more about his obsession with homemade icecream, his footwear of choice and what inspires his dishes.   What led you to become a professional chef? I’ve always enjoyed cooking since a young age. I was always in the kitchen with my Mother and Grandmother and […]

    Interview with Andie McKinnon

  • Meet Andie McKinnon, Assistant General Manager at Foxcroft Wine Co. SouthPark. Read more about Andie’s journey to the wine industry through apples, a valuable lesson she learned the hard way, and more! What got you interested in wine? What sparked an interest in wine was actually… apples. And then cider, and now wine. I took […]

    Interview with Chef Justin Solomon

  • Meet Chef Justin Solomon, Culinary Director at Foxcroft Wine Co. Read more about the trip that changed his life, how we met his wife, his vision for Foxcroft’s future, and more!   What made you want to become a professional chef? I grew up helping my mom and dad in the kitchen. As a kid, […]

    Interview with Chase Cassel

  • Meet Chase Cassel from Foxcroft Wine Co. Waverly! Read more about how his interest in craft beer kickstarted his wine career and more!   How did you get interested in wine? I moved to Greenville and applied everywhere except for Foxcroft because I don’t know anything about wine. But I decided on a whim to […]

    André Tamers of De Maison Selections

    de maison selections wine dinner foxcroft wine co
  • André Tamers André Tamers was born in Venezuela but grew up mostly between France and the U.S and spent some years living in Spain before starting De Maison Imports in 1993. When he returned stateside, he chose to make his home in North Carolina after driving up and down the coast with his wife, and […]