DILWORTH | Madeira Masterclass

Madeira Masterclass


Nelson Calado

Commercial Director of Cossart Gordon & Co.

Madeira offers one of the most multifaceted tasting experiences in the world of wine with its signature character range from dry to sweet and fresh to tangy and even nutty in aged styles. It has remained relatively unchanged since the fifteenth century, when European explorers began crisscrossing the seas and carving out well-worn trade routes. By the eighteenth century, it had become common practice to fortify the wines with high-proof alcohol like brandy to prevent them from spoiling during the long journeys. Centuries later, Madeira is not a household staple, but most true wine lovers appreciate the unique characteristics that it has to offer.

We are honored to have Nelson Calado, Commercial Director of Cossart Gordon & Co., teach this masterclass. His experience working for the oldest Madeira company makes him the perfect person to lead you through the knowledge and tasting portions of the class. With only 12 seats available, this will be the perfect environment to immerse yourself in the world of Madeira.


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Date of Event: Tuesday, May 9th

Time: 06:00 PM - 07:00 PM

Location: Dilworth

Contact: (704) 602-2133

Cost: $69/person + tax & gratuity