DW | Argentina and Chile Wine Dinner

Argentina and Chile Wine Dinner

Years ago, Malbec was widely cultivated in Bordeaux and was brought to Argentina in the mid-19th century, only decades before the grape would be decimated in France by a phylloxera epidemic. Today, both Argentina and Chile individually produce more Malbec than France. While Malbec is widely produced, these countries are also known for interesting varietals such as Torrontés, Carménère and even Semillon. The Andes Mountains that divides Argentina from Chile influences the climatic conditions by providing a cool breeze through the vines in Chile and much needed water for irrigation in Argentina. While they are new wine regions in comparison to France and Germany, both countries offer unique and interesting wines at a great value.

Our guest speaker for the night will be David Faulkner with Pioneer Imports and Winebow Distributing. You will learn about the grapes, soil and weather impact that each region offers along with a short history of each producer. This experience will be enhanced by a prepared menu created by Chef Brian Lombard.


Dinner Menu & Wines Served

course 1
“ceviche verde” with mahi mahi, leche de tigre, avocado, plantain chips
Catena Semillon-Chenin Blanc “White Clay”
El Enemigo Semillón

course 2
empanada of sweet corn, leeks, aged manchego, poblano romesco

Terranoble Carmenère “CA2 Costa”
Domaine Nico Pinot Noir “Histoire d’A”

course 3
“provoleta” with smoked and grilled provolone, jamón del país, confit tomato, salsa criolla,
blue corn tortilla

Cousiño-Macul “Finis Terræ”
Catena Alta Malbec

course 4
salmuera-marinated asado steak, smashed red potatoes, arugula chimichurri, huancaina sauce
Lapostolle “Clos Apalta”
Catena Zapata “Argentino”

Date of Event: Tuesday, April 26th

Time: 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Location: Dilworth

Contact: (704) 602-2133

Cost: 99/person + tax and gratuity

(Final ticket price will include 20% gratuity)