Dilworth | Re-Imagining Spain

Re-Imagining Spain: Contemporary and Cutting-Edge Wines


Núria Garrote-i-Esteve, owner/ founder of Vin° Vi & Co. Spanish Imports

Spain is always at the top of the list for wine dinner themes requested by our customers. The astonishing diversity and extensive spectrum of wines currently being crafted in Spain is truly remarkable. These wines hold value across the board, from small-scale producers to larger ones. To grasp the full extent of Spain’s wine landscape, it’s more accurate to envision it as “The United Regions of Spain” rather than a single nation. This is because various regions within Spain exhibit distinct variations in grape varieties, wine styles, and winemaking traditions.

Join us as we extend a warm welcome to Núria Garrote-i-Esteve, the proprietor of Vin° Vi & Co. Spanish Imports, who will be our guest speaker. Her expertise in Spanish wine regions and their producers is vast. You’re in for a delightful experience as she shares the captivating stories behind each wine, thoughtfully paired with the four-course menu crafted by Chef Colin Ragsdale and his talented team.


Table Seating is SOLD OUT!
Bar and Community Table Seating available.


Dinner Menu & Wines Served


course 1

“gambas al ajillo” shrimp, garlic, paprika, lemon

Valldolina Cava Reserva Brut Nature


course 2
“pulpo a la parrilla” grilled octopus, potato, mojo verde
Coto de Gomariz Ribeiro Blanco
Coto de Gomariz “Flower and the Bee”


course 3
“albondigas” pork and beef meatballs, tomato sauce, saffron
Artuke Rioja “Finca de los Locos- Paraje Peñaescalera”
Artuke Rioja “Paso Las Mañas- Paraje El Chorro”


course 4
chorizo-stuffed pork loin, tombet, romesco
Castell d’Encus Costers des Segre “Quest”
Blai Ferré i Just Priorat “Clos Petitona”


Date of Event: Tuesday, October 3rd

Time: 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Location: Dilworth

Contact: (704) 602-2133

Cost: 99/person + tax and gratuity

(Final ticket price will include 20% gratuity)