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Lexi Rickert from Constellation Brands

When the first wine, The Prisoner, was released two decades ago as a complex blend of some of California’s best and most unusual grape varieties, it swiftly changed the perception of what a red blend wine could be. Since then, they’ve grown to include a range of rule-bending blends with provocative label designs, recognized by fans and wine critics alike as one of the most bold and innovative wine brands in the market, leading the resurgence of California luxury red blends and earning “cult” wine status. Today, the Director of Winemaking, Chrissy Wittmann, and her teamwork with over 100 growers in northern California, bringing together exceptional fruit to produce a family of intriguing wines unrestricted by tradition.

As one of our most anticipated events, we’re looking forward to a night with a lineup of customer favorites. Alongside the wines, you’ll enjoy a four-course meal prepared with the bold and lasting style of Prisoner wines in mind. Join us for a night where you are sure to leave with a few stories to tell.

Standard table seating is sold out, only bar and community seating available.

check back soon for wine and dinner menus served

Date of Event: Wednesday, April 19th

Time: 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Location: Greenville

Contact: (864) 906-4200

Cost: $99/person + tax and gratuity

(Final ticket price will include 20% gratuity)