Chef Spotlight: In the Foxcroft Kitchen with Chef Chris Mydosh

Foxcroft Wine Co. is best known as a local wine bar and bottle shop in downtown Greenville, SC, but did you know there is an entire culinary team dedicated to crafting creative dishes from scratch to elevate your wine bar experience? Foxcroft Wine Co. is a full-service restaurant, with a menu that includes much more than just charcuterie and small plates. 

Chef Chris Mydosh has created a full menu of dinner options and weekly specials that receive rave reviews from both tourists and local guests. We sat down with the man behind all of the amazing food at Foxcroft, to find out what inspires him, why he’s passionate about sourcing local ingredients, and more!


Chef, tell us a little about your background and what led you to become a chef at Foxcroft Wine Co.

I’ve always felt comfortable in the kitchen, be it at work or at home. I was 14 years old when I got my first job as a dishwasher in a restaurant. I absolutely fell in love with the atmosphere of the restaurant scene. I loved the fast paced work environment and the exciting buzz all around me. I went on to graduate from Johnson and Wales in Charleston in ‘94 and I worked in restaurants in cities all across the SouthEast and Manhattan. I’ve been at the ‘croft since July 2017 when I joined the team in Charlotte, to work with Executive Chef Justin Solomon in preparation for the opening of the Greenville, SC location. I enjoy preparing good food for folks to enjoy while they’re together and enjoying each other’s company


Sounds like you have lived in a lot of places. How do you like living in Greenville, SC? 

I have some family in Greenville, SC, and my kids are in the Charlotte, NC area. So it’s nice to have them close. Creativity runs in the family. My oldest just moved to Savannah, GA to attend the Savannah School of Art and Design. I really enjoy Greenville’s location because it’s close to the mountains and the coast. I’ve lived in some large cities, so I also really appreciate the size of Greenville. I love how Greenville has access to so many vendors that sell locally grown produce and locally raised meats. 


Tell us a little bit more about where you source ingredients for your dishes.

I’m passionate about using as many locally-sourced ingredients as possible for many reasons. Working with quality, simple ingredients is a privilege. Utilizing the product someone else cared for and grew or raised is no small thing. We know the names and faces of the people that put a lot of time and effort into our ingredients, and that inspires us to handle them with care and respect and to make something wonderful with them. I strongly believe that we should eat seasonal and locally-grown ingredients as much as possible. Not only is it better for the local economy and the environment, it’s important to remember that foods harvested seasonally are packed with nutrients and flavors and need very little help to make them taste great. 


What does it mean to be a scratch kitchen? 

It’s got an itch and we’ve got to scratch it? Just kidding. Everything you see on the Foxcroft menu is prepared by our team in the kitchen each day. Nothing comes to us premade or prefabricated. We receive only raw products and ingredients, and we work hard to make every part of every dish right here in the Foxcroft kitchen. 


What’s your inspiration behind creating a new menu item or a weekly special? 

Most dish ideas sort-of just reveal themselves. They are often the result of many different factors like seasonal ingredients, ideas, brainstorming, and conversations that flow among the kitchen staff. It takes more than one person to come with menu items, so I can’t take all the credit. 


What’s your favorite part of working as a Chef for Foxcroft Wine Co.?

Creating a menu for the wine dinner events is my favorite. I get to be more creative and have fun with it! It’s an opportunity for me to push boundaries, try new things, and play with flavors and how they compare to the wine that will be paired with it. I have to think about how the flavors of the dishes will flow from one course to the next. I consider what’s in season, what wines will be featured, and what we have done in the past for wine dinners because I don’t want to be repetitive. Other factors I have to consider are cost and logistics like man power, plates, presentation and preparation. So there are many moving pieces I have to fit together when planning and executing a wine dinner event, and I’m always up for the challenge.. 


What’s the best kept secret of Foxcroft Wine Co.? 

Best kept secret? I’d say it’s what a great experience it is to have dinner here. Not just wine and bar bites, but our full meal. The combination of the service, the food, and the wine create the perfect atmosphere for a really great dining experience.