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55 and Going Strong

Delaforce is a Port producer based in Oporto that traces its history to 1834. In that year John Fleurriet Delaforce left London for Oporto, where in 1868 his son founded the House of Delaforce. Today the firm is owned by Real Companhia Velha, also known as Royal Operto. Delaforce makes a full portfolio of vintage and non-vintage ports as well as red table wines from the Douro Valley.

What is Colheita Port?

Colheita (pronounced cole-yay-ta) is a single vintage-dated Tawny Port, (all grapes are from one harvest) which are aged in small used oak barrels. In Portugese the word “Colheita” actually means “harvest” and Colheita must be aged in cask at least 7 years, but eight years is pretty typical, but they may spend as many as 50 or more years maturing in wood. Colheitas change dramatically during this extended time in cask and take on flavors of dried fruits, nuts, citrus and exotic spices, while becoming very smooth and complex the older they get.

Tasting Notes: Check out the Foxcroft What’s In Store Real-Time Tasting of the 1965 Delaforce with Sommelier & Wine Operations Director Shawn Paul!
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Wine Note: This was aged for nearly 40 years in wooden casks before being bottled in 2004. A small amount of sediment might be present at the bottom of the bottle, perfectly natural for this style. Store and serve this wine from an upright position or filter through before serving if desired.
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