Cellar-Worthy 2012 Bordeaux for $40/ bottle

Located on the famous Côte de Saint-Émilion, Château Lassègue’s wines are crafted by sixth and seventh generation winemakers, Pierre and Nicolas Seillan. Lassègue is created using Pierre Seillan’s “Micro-Cru” philosophy, dynamically identifying separate specific soil characteristics across the many parcels (crus) identified on the 18th century estate. Using this method, the Seillans tend to the vineyards, harvest and vinify block by block ensuring all aspects are customized to each cru’s specific needs. Château Lassègue’s exceptional focus on detail and care extends to its aging regimen as well: the Seillan family selects oak trees from a number of forests in France, including Vosges, Fontainebleau and Ardennes, among many others. Just as a vine’s location changes the characteristics of the grapes, so does the location of trees in a specific area in France. The grain of the wood, porosity, perfume and flavor influence the wine inside the oak barrel. Once the barrels are made at the cooperage and arrive at the Château, each vinified cru is paired with a barrel from a specific forest. The goal is never to overwhelm the wine with oak, but to ensure it is able to age in an environment most suited to highlighting its unique characteristics from the terroir it was born.

While approchable now, this wine has a very bright and delicious future ahead: cellar this wine for at least 5 years and you’ll be wishing you had more of it. This is one of the best-value “cellar-worthy” Bordeaux reds we’ve ever been offered, with quality now and in the future equal to that of wines double the price. Not to be missed!

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