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Located fifty miles Northwest of Saint Tropez, the Rose Gold vineyard is known for the maturity of its vines and low production which gives quality. A full, rich flavor and aroma to the wine. The vineyards are influenced by the sea, the sun and the winds that blow off the Mediterranean. Proximity to the sea, the unique composition of the soil and the efforts of their superb winemaker permits production of a truly great Rosé.
Rose Gold is handled as gently as possible from grape to bottle to ensure the freshness in each glass. Grapes are harvested in the early morning while the air is cool which helps preserve the natural aromatics. At the winery, the grapes are lightly pressed with slow increases in pressure. The resulting juice is tested and tasted at each level of pressing until the perfect “cut” is found and separated for fermentation. The juice is fermented in stainless steel tanks at a low temperature of around 55F. Juice is diligently tasted at least daily throughout the fermentation to ensure the future wine is developing as intended. Once fermentation is complete, the resulting wine is allowed to rest so that the insoluble yeast and grape proteins (heavy lees) can fall to the bottom of the tank and be removed while the “lighter” more soluble lees are carefully transferred along with the wine to a new tank. The wine is left to age on these light lees in stainless steel for roughly 6 months which protects the wine from oxidation as well as helping to form a rich mouthfeel through the slow extraction of soluble natural proteins. The malic acid fermentation is not induced in this process so that the bright grape derived acid qualities of malic acid are retained.
“This delicate pale pink wine has pleasant aromas of peach, raspberry, and fresh cherry with hints of wet stone. The palate is rich and smooth with a surprising roundness for a dry wine. Flavors of stone fruit and dried apricot are pulled through to the finish by a crisp yet finespun acidity.”
-Winemaker Notes


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