|| | $35 | 2-Pack: 2021 Mischa Estate Accordance Bordeaux Blend


Mischa Estate was started as a vine nursery in 1947. Three generations later, two brothers are taking the family business to the next level. The Estate is one of the largest vine nurseries in the Southern Hemisphere, and their knowledge spans across the vine growing and wine making process, from grafting new vines to bottling exceptional wines. While producing award-winning wines, Mischa Estate continues to consult on and supply nursery vines to South Africa’s leading wine farms. This has solidified Mischa Estate as a player with extensive viticultural knowledge of the South African terroirs.

Being a classic Bordeaux blend, the Accordance consists of 4 out of the 5 Bordeaux cultivars. Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petit Verdot blends together in this wine to create a masterpiece of sensorial art. Each cultivar is picked individually and made to express itself as uniquely as possible, and only blended together when each wine can contribute to the amazing final product. Each vineyard has its own personality and is treated as individual dependents to ensure that each one can produce its own special aspect to this marvelous wine.

“This Bordeaux blend has a rich, dark ruby color with a deep alluring rim. On the nose, this wine showcases exceptional complexity. Fruity aromas of blackcurrant and wild berries are complimented beautifully by rich aromas of leather, cloves and a hint of nuttiness. A whiff of this wine transports the drinker to a wholesome Christmas dinner as the complex aromas blend together like a rich fruit cake. Rich, fruit flavors of dark berries, spices and a hint of leather creates a complex experience, typical of a good Bordeaux blend. The prominent, yet manageable, tannins accompany the flavors perfectly and ensure that the long and fruity aftertaste lingers to great satisfaction.
-Winemaker Notes


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