|||| $50 | 2004 Hermann Ludes Thörnicher Ritsch Riesling Auslese


Chances are high that you will not have heard of this little gem of an Estate tucked in the lesser-known part of the Mosel situated between Trittenheim and Trier. Most of the Hermann Lude Estates’ holdings are situated in the under-rated Thörnicher Ritsch, where Hermann Ludes painstakingly acquired some of the finest vineyards over the years. Hermann came of age as Mosel wines were becoming ever-sweeter, ever-more plush and fruity. Flying in the face of the whims of fashion, and any discernible economic logic, Hermann kept to tradition, shaping wines of extraordinary structure, of a bracing, whiplash acidity.

The literal meaning of the word Auslese is “selected harvest,” this term is used to specify a late harvest wine. The wine category signifies a grape harvest that is riper than Kabinett or Spätlese, two other wine categories used for German wines. Grapes used to make Auslese Riesling are selected from the noble rot bunches of grapes found in late the late autumn months, between early November and late December. Noble rot is a fungus that grows on over ripened grapes, this intensifies the sweetness level and adds flavor complexity to the wine. These are strictly handpicked and can only be made in years when the harvest has been warm enough.

Auslese this great is hardly made anymore and requires decades of patience to come around. Beautiful gold tone with aromas of honeysuckle, pear and honey crisp apple. The palate is layered, rich and complex with notes of dried mango, passion fruit, candied lemon, cherry blossoms and almonds. Nectar like in density, yet still impossibly refreshing with a well balanced minerality and a soft, lingering finish.



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