$59 | 2017 Anton Bauer Spatburgunder


Born in 1971, Anton Bauer proudly represents the fourth successive generation at the helm of the winery, which now spans 98 acres (40 hectares). Assuming control of the family winery in 1992 when it covered just 8 acres, he has steadfastly pursued his unwavering vision of quality. At the core of his approach is the dedication to showcasing the inherent character of the region, emphasizing the terroir’s uniqueness that renders his wines truly exceptional and irreplaceable.

Anton has wholeheartedly committed himself to crafting wines that beautifully reflect the distinctive terroir of his native region, the Wagram. This expanse, known as the Wagram, extends 25 miles in length and rises 100 feet above the ground, stretching between the towns of Krems and Tulln. The soil composition primarily consists of ancient, weathered gravel sediments recognized as loess. Anton places exclusive reliance on traditional manual harvesting, a practice that he holds dear for well-justified reasons.


“On the nose sweet roasted aromas, fine forest berry confit, candied orange peels, multi-faceted bouquet. Good complexity, and balance with a delicate citrus touch. Lively soft tannins, a juicy ripeness and an elegant, long finish.”
-Winemaker Notes


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