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Nägelsförst is a producer located in Baden, Germany that makes a range of wines from Pinot Blanc, or Weissburgunder as the Germans call it. Like all other grape varieties of the Pinot family, the Pinot Blanc places high demands on soil and climate. Warm, fertile soils and sun-exposed, dry-warm locations provide the best prerequisites. With a slop of up to 50%, the location Stich den Buben vineyard the perfect site for these vines. They can take root in distinct mineral soils and capture the warmth of the sun until autumn. Nägelsförst is proud of their distinctive terroir as well as the excellent microclimate of the soils.

Even the bright straw-yellow color and the scent of lime blossoms to beautiful melon turns anticipation into the chief enjoyment. So we savor a delightful hour with its spicy-juicy aromas with a dry finish.
-Winemaker Notes

This label was created by one of Foxcroft’s very own, Ahna Demaro. She works at our Dilworth location and has a graphic design background that enhances her artistic talent. While speaking about her piece of art “Cravings”, Ahna said, “if you put your soul into what you make, others will see it more clearly because it’s not the art that they’re seeing, but the heart.”


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