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When founding partner Mary Taylor first fell in love with wine in the early 1990’s, it was the European classics that truly spoke to her and stole her heart. As a young professional selling French and Italian wine, first in the New York wine auctions and then as a merchant, she quickly learned to appreciate wine in the “Old World” way— not as a luxury good reserved for special occasions, but a living agricultural product that belongs to everyday life.

Each Mary Taylor wine is a faithful ambassador of its geographical origin, true to local traditions, and the vision of the individual farmer who bottled it, whose name is listed on the front of every bottle. Mary Taylor Wine offers affordable wines of genuine quality and integrity (no shortcuts) that will bring the magic of their “terroirs” to life wherever you choose to enjoy them: at a dinner party, next to the grill, or even just on a quiet night at home.

“With lots of sweet fresh peaches and orange blossoms, Mary Taylor’s Frizzante is the perfect wine to send off the end of summer.”
-Andie McKinnon, Southpark Assistant General Manager

Brilliant straw-yellow sparkling wine with fine and persistent bubbles. Aromas of orange blossom with a bouquet of fresh fruits such as melon, papaya and mango. Balanced and elegant, the palate leads to notes of apricot, white peach and lime. This frizzante is a superb aperitif, ideal with any meal.


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