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Barbaresco is a prestigious Italian wine region located in the heart of the Piedmont region in Northwestern Italy. This picturesque area is renowned for producing some of Italy’s most exquisite and age-worthy red wines. Barbaresco is often compared to its neighbor, Barolo, as both regions specialize in crafting wine from the Nebbiolo grape variety. However, Barbaresco has a distinct personality of its own, offering wines that are generally more approachable and accessible in their youth compared to the robust and tannic Barolos.

The key to Barbaresco’s allure lies in its unique terroir, which includes a combination of factors such as soil composition, elevation, and climate. The well-drained soils of limestone and clay, combined with the area’s moderate continental climate and sunny exposures, create an ideal environment for Nebbiolo grapes to thrive. The resulting wines are characterized by their elegant, complex aromas of red fruit, roses, tar, and earthy notes, supported by a harmonious structure of acidity and tannins. With a shorter aging requirement compared to Barolo, Barbaresco is often appreciated for its approachability and versatility, making it a fantastic choice for both special occasions and everyday enjoyment.

“The 2020 Barbaresco is a terrific entry-level wine from Bruno Rocca…The warm growing season yielded a Barbaresco with lovely forward fruit, silky tannins and tons of upfront appeal. It’s an ideal wine for restaurants or consumers looking for something delicious to drink with minimal cellaring. The 2020 spent 11 months in oak, quite a bit less than the 16-18 of the past, which preserves a good deal of freshness.”
-Vinous Media

“Intense garnet red in color with notes of blackberry, black cherry, plum and overtones of rose and violet petals and spices. The palate is warm and elegant with a long-lasting finish and a hint of cocoa.”
-Winemaker Notes


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