GV $32 | 2022 Stolpman “G.D.G” Gamay


The Stolpman winery team is passionately committed to preserving this pristine environment for their vines. They employ conscious farming and dry farming techniques, and they wholeheartedly embrace sustainable employment practices. Inside the winery, their approach centers on respecting the natural essence of the grapes. They prioritize native fermentation and adopt a minimal manipulation approach, allowing the true character of the grapes to shine through.

As one of the newer members of the Stolpman Syrah So Fresh Family- GDG Gamay comes with a label hand-written in Ruben’s beautiful penmanship.  When Tom Stolpman arrived at Villa Angeli one Friday afternoon in early 2016 he noticed some re-plantings across the L’Avion runway in Block 6.  He asked the team what we had planted and I answered, “oh, that’s the new Gamay!”

“You Planted GOD D#MN GAMAY?”

“Well, at least we have a name for it now!”

Following the Block 6 planting, they added an additional 3.5 acres of Gamay in Block 10.  This new head-trained block makes its debut in the 2021 G.D.G.  They also augment the estate production with Gamay from Nolan Ranch Vineyard in the cool, windy Los Alamos Corridor of Santa Barbara County.

Lush, wild & brambly dark fruits touched up with higher toned cranberry. In the mouth a subtle pleasurable fleshiness lies wedged in between piercing red fruit on top and the bold acid-driven backbone below.”
-Winemaker Notes

“A booming red to black fruit continuum knock out. Red currant to red vines down to firm boysenberry. The opaque crimson-lined black color foreshadows a coating density that plays gracefully with GDG’s signature crunch. Whole cluster notes of dried herbs and bramble encircle the giving, generous heart. The GDG possesses a Holy Trinity of depth, crunch, and beauty.”
-Winemaker Notes

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