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The Essence of Chardonnay: Grand Cru Champagne from Pierre Legras

The history of Pierre Legras Champagne is closely linked to that of its Grand Cru terroir. Chouilly, an emblematic village of the Côte des Blancs, has witnessed successive generations of winemakers falling in love with their lands. Considered the jewel of their kingdom, Chardonnay dominates the ten hectares of the house. For several decades, Vincent Legras has been perpetuating this legacy, working his domaine with the aim of preserving for and passing on in the future.

For 30 years, Vincent Legras has run his vineyard with the aim of preserving the environment. Treatments, organic matter, grass … each step of the vine is thought about and planned in a sustainable way. To have proof of and understand its impact on nature, Vincent keeps a written record season after season. Rigorous monitoring that is required throughout the year, reinforced by regular analyses. A veritable strategy in viticulture, Vincent Legras has grassed a large part of his vineyard to fight against erosion, and protect the water resource.

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