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Old Vines and Amazing Pedigree

Mending Wall is the product of three families, brought together by an abiding love of wine.

For Proprietor Frank Dotzler wine has always been rooted in romance and adventure. He bought a 20-acre parcel and set out to make a dream come true, naming the place True Vineyard. In 2003, he expanded his dream, acquiring Outpost Winery and Vineyard, bringing on the winemaking legend, Thomas Rivers Brown. Since then, the friends have blazed a long and fruitful trail, working to capture the magic and beauty of the region in some of the world’s best wines.

Proprietors Mark Pulido and Donna Walker were both raised in pharmacy families, a practice that set the foundation for their winemaking philosophy. Their approach is one of scientific curiosity and a belief that to create anything great, one must walk a path of patience, discipline and determination. The couple’s roots in Napa Valley started in the early 1980s, meeting with vintners and learning the rhythms of crafting a single vineyard, terroir-driven wine. The result of that patient journey is Pulido~Walker, three vineyards that produce extraordinary natural wines, each a strong reflection of its own unique sense of place. Mark and Donna’s friendship with Thomas Rivers Brown grew at the sorting table and the barrel room at the Dotzler’s Outpost Winery, where the first Pulido~Walker Cabernet Sauvignon was born.

Winemaker/Proprietor Thomas Rivers Brown is originally from Sumter, SC. In 1995, Thomas left his home in the South and moved to California and he’s been studying Napa Valley winemaking ever since. Thomas’ approach is less by design and more by feel, to let the grapes and the land, and all of its incalculably subtle variables, determine how a wine is grown and produced. Because of this, no two of Thomas’ wines are ever quite the same, each an embodiment of the place and conditions that created it.

Thomas is the youngest winemaker ever to receive a 100-point score from Robert Parker. (He’s earned 20+ since.) He was awarded two 100-point scores from Wine Spectator, the first American winemaker to receive a perfect score. And Food & Wine Magazine named Thomas 2010 Winemaker of the Year.

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