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Mommenpop California Spritz Kit !

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This kit comes with one 750mL bottle of Mommenpop d’Sange vermouth and one 750mL bottle of Mommenpop Sparkling Rosé.

To make your spritz, combine equal parts rosé and vermouth over ice. Garnish with a wedge of citrus and top with a splash of sparkling water (optional). Like sunshine in a glass!

Mommenpop begins with a base wine made from organically farmed grapes, then fortified with brandy, and flavored with organic fresh California citrus, whole spices, and organic sugar. For a simple comparison, you can use Mommenpop the same way you would use Lillet, Aperol, or Campari, but you don’t need to worry about any artificial ingredients or artificial color.​​

What is Mommenpop? Who’s the brains behind it?
Napa winemaker SAMANTHA SHEEHAN has harnessed California sunshine to create light, bright, and exhilarating aperitifs that are delicious on their own, sensational with anything bubbly, and are inspiring a plethora of crowd-pleasing cocktails! She developed Mommenpop as a less-sweet, dye-free alternative to Aperol & Campari – aperitifs that she loves, but that were giving her consistent hangovers. Samantha has been making wine for 10 years – and has been a lover of wines for even longer. She is the creator of Poe Wines and Ultraviolet Wines.


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