Pinot Noir Wine Dinner: Oregon vs. California with James Corbin Night 1 (SP)

**Special Event Note**
We fully understand the concern and care that such a return to wine events requires, and Foxcroft Wine Co is fully committed to making this dinner a safe and enjoyable evening for everyone. In order to maintain the safe required distance between tables, our seating arrangements are extremely limited.
We will make every effort to accommodate requests and fully comply with best practices. We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation. 

One of our favorite annual traditions at Foxcroft is our Battle of the Pinots: California versus Oregon.  It’s far from a simple answer: both states boast top producers, unique vineyards and impressive track records. But beyone personal preference, is one state actually making better Pinot Noir wines, wines that we can agree are the best in the nation? Our special guest, longtime friend and collaborator will be James Corbin of Grapevine Distributors, a perfect guide to walk us through the various vineyard areas that make California and Oregon so different and yet both producing world-class wines of distinction. We’ll vote on each flight and at the end: May the Best Wine Win!




course 1

Schug, Carneros 2017


Rose Rock, Eola-Amity Hills 2018    


course 2

Domaine Eden, Santa Cruz 2016


Dusky Goose “Rimbeaux” Willamette Valley 2018


course 3

Merry Edwards, Sonoma Coast 2018


Elk Cove “Mt. Richmond” Yamhill-Carlton 2018


course 4

Richard Peterson, Sta. Rita Hills 2017


Ken Wright “Latchkey” Dundee Hills 2017


Date of Event: Monday, December 7th

Time: 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Location: SouthPark

Contact: (704) 365-6550

Cost: $99 + tax and gratuity

(Final ticket price will include 20% gratuity)