SOUTHPARK | Italian Wine Dinner with Andie McKinnon

Italian Wine Dinner


Foxcroft’s Andie McKinnon and Jay Murrie, owner of Piedmont Wine Imports

Italian wine regions are a captivating mosaic of diversity and tradition, each offering a unique taste of Italy’s rich viticultural heritage. From the rolling vineyards of Tuscany, home to iconic Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino, to the sun-drenched landscapes of Sicily, where Nero d’Avola and Etna wines flourish under the Mediterranean sun, Italy’s terroirs paint a vivid palate of flavors. Piedmont boasts renowned Barolo and Barbaresco, while Veneto dazzles with Amarone and Prosecco. And let’s not forget about the charming, lesser-known gems like Friuli-Venezia Giulia’s crisp whites and the reds of Puglia. These regions not only produce exceptional wines but also tell stories of history, culture, and a deep-rooted passion for winemaking that has enchanted palates worldwide.

We’re excited to have our very own Andie McKinnon, Assistant General Manager of Southpark, partner with Piedmont Wine Imports owner Jay Murrie as our guest speakers. Together, they will take you on a journey through Italy while you learn about the different regions and the wines they have to offer. Chef Chris March and his team will also create an Italian-inspired meal to accompany you on your journey.


Wine and Dinner Menus Served


bruschetta with shallot, basil, balsamic drizzle

Paolo Petrilli Brut Metodo Classico


course 1

quiche lorraine

De Sanctis “496” Frascati Superiore


Visintini Malvasia Trevenezie


course 2

roasted salmon, braised fennel, orange vinaigrette

Poggio Di Bortolone Frappato


Poggio Di Bortolone “Contessa Costanza” Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico


course 3

Roasted chicken thigh, roasted fingerlings, spinach, chicken jus

Corzano e Paterno “I Tre Borri” Sangiovese Rosso Toscano


Pian dell’Orino Rosso di Montalcino


course 4

Wild boar ragu, rigatoni

Azelia “Margheria” Barolo


Azelia “Bricco Fiasco” Barolo

Date of Event: Tuesday, November 7th

Time: 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Location: SouthPark

Contact: (704) 365-6550

Cost: $99 + tax and gratuity

(Final ticket price will include 20% gratuity)