SOUTHPARK | South Africa with Mathilda Joubert

Exploring South Africa


Mathilda Joubert

Owner/ Founder of SA-vor Wines

South Africa’s rich wine heritage spans over 350 years, positioning it as a unique bridge between the traditions of the Old World and the innovations of the New World. While employing modern winemaking techniques, South African wines often exhibit stylistic similarities to their Old World counterparts. The result is an exceptional and varied selection of wines that showcase the country’s vibrancy and diversity. A new generation of South African winemakers, constantly pushing boundaries and introducing fresh ideas, adds to the excitement surrounding these wines.

Joining us as a guest speaker for this event is Mathilda Joubert, the co-founder and owner of SA-vor Wines. Mathilda started her company with her husband, Jac, in 2021. Being natives of South Africa, they embarked on a journey to not only support local winemakers but also to share the exceptional quality and diversity of South African wines with America. Their mission has always been to champion small, family-owned farms that produce outstanding wines, and they have successfully accomplished this goal.

To enhance this extraordinary wine experience, Chef Chris March has crafted a four-course menu designed to complement each of the eight wines that Mathilda will be presenting.


Dinner Menu & Wines Served

course 1

grilled jumbo prawns, avocado-mango salsa

Tierhoek Chenin Blanc


Piekenierskloof Chenin Blanc



course 2

south african butter chicken, basmati rice

Spookfontein Pinot Noir


Whalehaven Pinot Noir



course 3

frikkadel meatball with herbed-tomato sheba sauce

Mt. Vernon Cabernet Sauvignon


Spookfontein Cabernet Sauvignon



course 4

pan-seared duck breast with summer fig salad

Piekenierskloof ‘Johan van Zyl’ Pinotage


Dewald Heyns Pinotage

Date of Event: Tuesday, September 26th

Time: 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Location: SouthPark

Contact: (704) 365-6550

Cost: $99 + tax and gratuity

(Final ticket price will include 20% gratuity)