WAVERLY | Blackbird Vineyards Wine Dinner

Blackbird Vineyards Wine Dinner


National Sales Director Bill Schlissel

Established in 2003, Blackbird Vineyards has earned a distinguished reputation as a boutique producer celebrated for its Bordeaux-inspired wines. At the heart of their mission is the cultivation of enduring partnerships with prestigious vineyards in Napa Valley, renowned for their commitment to sustainable farming practices. Guided by the meticulous craftsmanship of Winemaker Aaron Pott, Blackbird Vineyards meticulously crafts wines that showcase exquisite fruit quality while upholding an elegant and harmonious style. These wines offer the unique combination of immediate gratification and the potential for graceful aging.

We are delighted to be joined by Bill Schlissel, the National Sales Director for Blackbird Vineyards, who will provide insights into the purpose behind each wine and the distinct methods employed in their creations. To complement this extraordinary wine experience, Sous Chef Jacob Hujar has curated a special four-course meal designed to perfectly complement the six exceptional wines from Blackbird Vineyards that you’ll have the pleasure of savoring.


Dinner Menu & Wines Served

course 1
grilled melon, crispy spec, herbed feta spread, blood orange gastrique

Dissonance Sauvignon Blanc
course 2
mushroom and squash tart, beets, goat cheese crème fraîche, spiced candied orange rind

Arriviste Rosé
course 3
braised pork belly, fig glaze, seared potato terrine

course 4
grilled hanger steak, apple cider demi, grilled carrots, cashew dukkah


Date of Event: Wednesday, October 4th

Time: 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Location: Waverly

Contact: (704) 705-2026

Cost: 99/person + tax and gratuity

(Final ticket price will include 20% gratuity)